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Who We Are

Nielsen Media Research is active in 40 countries worldwide and is the leading provider of audience measurement, print readership, customised media research and competitive advertising intelligence information. Through affiliates, advertising measurement is extended to 70 countries, representing 85% of the world’s advertising spending.

Your information advantage

To succeed in today's complex, fast changing markets, it is not enough to simply know what products and services people are buying. You must know how they receive information and what motivates them to purchase.

And that's where Nielsen Media Research comes in. Around the world we focus on consumer marketing and media measurement to help our clients answer their most pressing marketing and media information questions. And we answer those questions with the richest, most comprehensive media and market information, professional service and analytical tools in our industry.

More than anything, our clients look to Nielsen Media Research to help them identify business activity and create the best possible framework for successful media and marketing decision-making.

Ultimately, our clients rely on Nielsen Media Research to help them win in the marketplace. They place their trust in our information - unique in the market research industry for its speed, accuracy, quality and coverage. They depend on our highly developed software tools and count on our highly trained people to provide market knowledge, professional expertise and marketing insight.

Utilising our global networks, Nielsen Media Research in New Zealand provides clients and agencies with the following services:

  • AIS - Advertising Information Services
    In an increasingly complex media environment, marketers must target carefully and precisely, to achieve efficiency in expenditure relative to communications goals and objectives.
    Nielsen Media Research is the industry currency for media expenditure measurement covering all key advertising media: TV, newspapers, magazines, radio, cinema, outdoor, online, addressed mail and unadressed mail.
    Using AIS, marketers can monitor who is advertising (from both an overall company view to the specific brands being supported), where they are advertising, and how much is being spent, all based on industry rate cards.
  • AIS Creatives
    AIS Creatives has libraries of NZ and international creative executions on main media - TV, radio, print and outdoor. Visit AIS Creatives for more information.
  • National Readership Survey
    The Nielsen Media Research National Readership Survey (NRS) is the currency for buying and selling print media in New Zealand. The Survey provides valuable insights into the characteristics, reading habits, attitudes and consumption patterns of people who read magazines and newspapers in New Zealand.
    With more than 170 publications measured including magazines, metropolitan, regional, community and Sunday newspapers, the Survey is able to:

    • Establish a reader profile in order to understand a publication’s audience.
    • Provide a marketing and sales support tool for advertising and circulation sales.
    • Supply a management tool for evaluating the effectiveness of the editorial mission.

    The NRS is an annual large-scale face-to-face survey with 12,000 people aged ten years and over. Fieldwork is conducted continuously throughout the year based on a fully national sample which is representative of the New Zealand population.

  • Panorama - Lifestyle and Consumer Behaviour Research
    Marketers, media organisations and agencies need to 'go beyond demographics' for assessing when and how users of their product category watch TV, listen to radio and read newspapers and magazines. Lifestyle habits, attitudes and intentions to purchase are now more than ever, critical target segmentation “tuners”.
    Panorama allows targeting by product usage and frequency as well as by media consumption. Clients can target their markets and evaluate media campaigns based on the Panorama data base which is fused with the official buying and selling television audience measurement currency for New Zealand.
  • PRRADS - Press Research Rate And Data Service
    PRRADS is the Who, What and Where of Media. PRRADS provides 24/7 web-based access to over 2,000 New Zealand media outlets (including magazines, newspapers, radion stations, out-of-home and on-line publishers and media services) at the click of a mouse. PRRADS includes contact information (names, addresses and live URL's), deadlines, profiles, publications's readership, ABC circulation figures, and descriptions of each medium's coverage area.
    One of our three Directories will suit your needs:
    - PRRADS
    - Production+
    - Media Directory
  • Netwatch - Understanding Internet Use In New Zealand
    Nielsen Media Research’s NetWatch service provides the most comprehensive, contextual measure of Internet usage available in New Zealand. It is used by advertisers, search engines, ISP’s and site brokers, to shed light on trends in Internet usage and to provide understanding for the development of effective Internet strategies.
    NetWatch collects Internet market intelligence as part of the Nielsen Media National Readership Survey and answers questions such as: How many New Zealanders are on-line? How long do they spend on line? What are they doing? Who are they? What are they buying on-line?

Our approach

For media information needs Nielsen Media Research has internationally recognised proprietary research products that provide powerful, competitive business marketing and consumer behaviour data. Aside from providing data, Nielsen Media Research endeavours to add value by translating the data into actionable market and business insights.

All media services are conducted and delivered by a team of client service professionals with specialised media industry and marketing expertise.